Текст песни "Nile - The Oxford Handbook of Savage Genocidal Warfare

They have refused to submit
Treacherous and rebellious
Defiant in the face of certain destruction
Conquered cities razed to the ground
Captured towns pillaged, populations massacred
Savage genocidal warfare
Exacted upon the bitter enemies of Asshur

The cities of men have become targets for annihilation
Acts of blatant destruction
A deterrent to stamp out the flames of sedition
Men decapitated, women of all ages raped
Children blinded, rendered helpless
Infants clubbed to death

The unborn ripped from their mothers wombs

Nobles cruelly thrown from city walls
Only to be fed upon by wild beasts
Soldiers flay wives and whores
Roast their little ones screaming in the fire
Piles of severed heads built into pyramids
Even cats and dogs are slain in the streets
Not even the unborn shall escape the wrath of Asshur

Ruins scavenged for any poor wretches
Cowering in holes or skulking in cellars
Ruthlessly dragged out and slain

Every last one of them must be exterminated
Leave not a single one alive
The whole of them must be wiped out of existence

We shall make of their nation a barren wasteland
With flame
Entire landscapes will become naught but ruins
Asshur hath commanded let none escape the sword
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