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Текст песни Immortal - Into Battle Ride

The sword of thunder and lightning is on the rise
From the north the gods of wrath descend
The storm of war nearing, black in its sign
Now vengeance shall enter again, feared by mortals
Our yearning steel strong hands
Thundering hooves strike above dying men
Down the black valleys aride through the haze
From the mountains, hear battle and death

Affronting all for the absolute rule
Let the battle of evil be won
So shall we triumph to rule above men
From the valleys are soon to be born
A thunderous march, tempest of old
Clangor of swords from the once vengeful ones
The doom of all men is decided from the book of end
Soon ridden down and trampled

Into the dim I ride, I know the dark upon me
Into the dim I ride, the gods of wrath above me
As I into battle ride

The might lives on and the horde of revenge
From the north they sound throughout the sky
Unending fire blast in their eyes
Rising swords on the battlefield held high
Warriors ride on the winds to avenge
Tried by steel to be gods among men
Soon the bleak skies will all blacken again
Shout for victory shall never end
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