Текст песни Motörhead - Electricity

Don't speak of your beliefs, they are yours to keep
Memories will fade as time goes by
Remember just yourself, me or someone else
You will be the only one to try

Freedom to believe don't cost a thing
Innocence should not be bought and sold
Kiss a bolt of lightning, it'll make you sing
Electricity deep in your soul

Don't tell me who I am, I don't give a damn
Your dreams are nothing, you're a nowhere man
Think you're really smart, think you're pure in heart
Go ahead and tear yourself in half

Disbelief don't ever cost a dime
Innocence should not be bought and sold
You need an open mind, shiver up your spine
Electricity deep in your soul, hey, hey

Don't speak of time gone by, don't even try
My memories are skulls and vultures in the sky
I remember everyone, tall or deaf, and dumb
Now I am the only one passed by

Freedom to believe don't have a price
Innocence never gets too old
You need a bolt of rock, severe toxic shock
Electricity deep in your soul
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