Текст песни Iron Savior - Until We Meet Again

Drifting on the ocean
An ocean without shore
Space and time
Have no meaning anymore
Realities are merging
Echo through infinity
Setting sail on the winds
Of eternity
Disembodied specter
On the final ride
To cross the bounds
The bounds to the other side

Deliverance from the pain
Spread the wings
The word is goodbye
Until we meet again
Until we meet again

Floating in foreverness
In perfect harmony
beyond the bounds
The spirit is free
One with creation
Peace of mind
Leaving the horror behind

The mortal agony
the torment and the fears
Fighting in the darkness
Holding back the tears
Praying for a miracle
Deliverance from the pain
But mercy wasn't granted
Until we meet again
Until we meet again

Out of clear blue sky
Changing all forevermore
In the blink of an eye
With the courage of desperation
In the hope of despair
With grim determination
Inside the devil's lair

Beyond the bounds
Beyond infinity
Mortal fear
Pain and tears
Peace of mind
Leaving all behind

Solo Piet

Evanescing memories
Of scattered hopes and dreams
Resonating echoes
From far away
Ascending into endlessness
On the wings of love
Cause love is living on
Until we meet again
Until we meet again

I will be there
Waiting for you
I will be there
At the end of the rainbow
I will be there
Love is living
Until we meet again
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