Текст песни Mayhem - Of Worms and Ruins

Deified decay
Prostrate and receive
Purified through waste
Baptized in disease

Horns of stench and tail of slime
Claws of fate and fang of time
Damp earth turns hope to death
Pulsating corpse feeds and shelters

Elementals of mirror spheres
Rise and unite
Make complete dissolution
Into nihil eternal naught

Of worms

Black soul
Arms to reach but not to feel
Black hole
Rot divine disused and spoiled
Black dope
Riddle of chrystal mind methods
Black sun
Paranormal triumph of thought

Skin outgrown
Promises to loss
Chimes begin the feast
Worms and ruin of the beast
ОТЗЫВЫ НА Mayhem - Of Worms and Ruins
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