Текст песни Candlemass - Under the Ocean

Behind the door
The ocean floor
Beneath the iron surface
There’s a hole
The dead they climb
An endless line
And there you are
Night after night

Ominous blue rays
Cemetary waters
Just like lemmings
Glowing spirits

That day of the week now
The heavy fuckin’ falling rain
Walkers be gone
Leave the garden of my mind

Deep red, damn drip
Fates clock on minus
Ghosts of Silence
Hands holding fire

Dead girl, black dog
Apparitions in the morning
The room is an ocean
No-one said you were coming

And the Dead shall walk
Up from the lifeless dark
From under my skin
The ocean within

Like drunk they sway
From the salty gray
60 000 souls on parade
Stones align
Clouds sweep by
Soon the bleak and
Forgotten will arrive
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