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Текст песни Gojira - Low Lands

tell me what you see
in the after life
par-dela le ciel
par-dela le soleil

in all there is to learn
the sun is on our side
and though you're on the run
you will survive

expanded to the state of light
the deepest corners of the world
gliding through the lowlands
and swimming all the oceans

walking through the silence
already made it through the night
there will be a new day
whenever the sun rises

you're invisible, you're in everything
tell me what you see
when you're everywhere
tell me now

while you drift away
from all the plagues of this world
you're put out of misery, giant monster
you won't have to face it again
every step of the way gets you higher

all the voices trapped underneath the ground
let them all go in the sky
find the power lost underneath the ground
let it all blow in the sky
all the voices trapped in my head
Let them all scream in the night
find the power lost underneath the ground
let it all blow in the sky
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