Текст песни Gorgoroth - Carving A Giant

Might and Lust my work
No trust is for man
Father of unholy damnation light
rewarding assistance for an ended life

To every living worm
Write an omen
To every living welkin
cloaked in twilight

In every night there is a FIRE!!

Singeing and Burning
The Curse of a child
Bring the pain out

Ours was spirit
Raped Intellegence
We exist...all...to awaken and save us from war!
[ From: http://www.elyrics.net/read/g/gorgoroth-lyrics/carving-a-giant-lyrics.html ]

The essence of doubt

Carving a giant
Carving the eye of a god
Create ME

Torn so much
Taint a love
Chasing a giant
Forcing the ways of a storm

Standing as human
Facing a god
Fighting and serving your secret

In every night I have a flame
In every night there is a fire

To everyone living..
creating the twilight.

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