Текст песни Judas Priest - Firepower

With weapons drawn
We claim the future
Invincible through every storm
Bring in the foe to be defeated
To pulverize from dusk till dawn

Firepower petrifies

The die is cast make no exceptions
We're forged by evil to compel
Come rally round this flag of freedom
Our union thrives so go to hell

Firepower taking lives
Firepower neutralize

Empty the chamber
Lock and reload
This world thrives on danger
It's bound to explode
Aim for the target
With laser red light
Releasing the trigger
Puts victory in sight

No time to pray or ask forgiveness
Those blessed souls are now deceased
There is no sense in this contrition
With open arms we fight for peace

We fight with...

Firepower petrifies
Firepower between the eyes
Firepower mortifies
Firepower mans demise
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