Текст песни Obituary - Violent by Nature

Oh you're in the cross hairs
Did you ever know
You're in the process of phasing out
War for peace every
Treaty written in blood
Struck down with disease

Get away
Give up the prospects of better days
They're over
You're washed up

Against your own kind
The animal
Cannibalistic inseparable
War for peace
Every treaty written in blood
Struck down with disease

Innovations of warring clans
Sacrificial the contracts of man
Devoid of purpose or precedence
A selfish existence
Violent by nature

Get away
Give up the prospects of better days
They're over you're washed up

I'm a masochistic machine
I shit where I fuck where I eat
So don't ever listen to anything I say
'Cause I just don't believe
Anything anymore
And I've lied to myself
And I've stolen so much more

But all I need is something that's new
All that I've made I can't undo
All I need is someone like you
You're never lost
I'm not confused

Fates lie to me
Lie to the faces
Of all that believe in faith
The price of virtue
Paid in full
Is it all that you've worked for
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