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Текст песни Testament - False Prophet

So let's begin one by one
First the old then the next were the young
Barley kept alive
Loving mother, father and child
Locked in a rotten cell
A living hell
Left there without remorse
When you speak to your God does he care?

Summoned in one by one
Summoned in to die
Shown to a shallow grave
They were bound, gagged and tied
Nobody left to tell
This curse befell
Left dead without a prayer
When you reach for your God is he there?

I'll give you what you need
Come follow me and see
I'll bring eternity
From my gun to your head I'll play God
You're now a piece of me
Chosen by the one and only
In the name of Jesus Christ
With my hand and a lie take your life

No more pain
Chosen by the one and only
Receive a piece of me
No more pain
Take me by the hand
And follow me and see

Hey now! Please tell me you believe
He uses mind control to make it seem so real
Pray now! Leads a sermon with a gun
So let the truth be told, you're not the chosen one
Bow down! A father and his son
They said their last goodbyes with nothing but love
Hey now! The time has finally come
Take a blow to the head with a bullet from the gun

Hey now! Come follow me and see
When using mind control to get all that he needs
Hey now! Leads a sermon with a gun
So let the truth be known you're not the chosen one
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