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Текст песни Mastodon - Clandestiny

Silent all your life
Running without vision
Hollowed out inside
Wronging all that's right

There's no cause to be alarmed
And no reason to escape from us
There's no illness and no pain
And no thought of any suffering

The road is long and bare
No clarity, no light
The moment came and swallowed us
Blinding all our sight

We will keep you free from harm
All you have to do is stand with us
I will mend your broken heart
And resort the trials you have lost

Give your life
So i can breathe
Save your life
It's all we need

We can be to haunt the ground
And devour your humanity
Follow me and follow sound
To the end of your eternity

Give your life
So i can breathe
Save your life
It's all we need
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