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Текст песни Necrophobic - Requiem for a Dying Sun

I sing the words of death and chaos
I hear them swirl into the sky
In the horizon lies a promise of future heinous
Below the worlds where light must die

Lured into the mouth of Hell
Cast the last of shadows as the God is swallowed whole
Upon the worlds - a final knell
Disintegrate in eternity's black hole

I bring the worlds death and chaos
There will be darkness all around
At the end of times I lick the flames
As the dark engulfs the dead
In obscurity forever bound

I am the universe
I am all
I am before and after
Illuminate the worlds until nightfall
I am the first
I will be the last
When all is dead and gone
I will be the future and you the past

Come into the underworld
Stay in the dark with me
Hear my words - deity!
Let the colours fade 'till there is none to see

So ring the words of death and chaos
Let havoc rise
Let the serpent swallow the crowned
No life
No light
No sound
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