Текст песни Necrophobic - Tsar Bomba

I am the master
A ruler of things to be
A matter aware of itself
Destined to rise above
I am a slave
Addicted to my purpose
No limits no boundaries can hold me down
I am the envy of God

Tsar bomba
Behold the star
Risen from the ashes of Eden
Behold the Tsar
The final round
The serpent grin
Tsar bomba
The crown of man
Risen from the ashes of slavery
Behold the Tsar
The final round
The serpent

We are the masters, we suck the blood of life
Impaler of gods, destroyer of lies
We hear the call from flesh
We are legion, we are one
We are the crown of creation
Deemed to march with open eyes
We are the envy of gods
Hail thee, o serpent
The offering that made us open our eyes
Out of the suffocating bliss of Eden
Our will shall be the whole of the law
I taste the unholy forbidden enigma
A succulent bitterness grasps my soul
Vanya, kuzkina mat

For thousands of aeons
Through chaos i have dwelled
I am the one of many names
Rejected, cast aside
I’ve mastered the master
Set the spark of life aflame
I’ve planted my seed
The will to power
The nectar of the gods
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