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Текст песни Draconian - Rivers Between Us

Where is the world I saw in your eyes?
It lived through the night, then whispered goodbye
The cuts in your skin and the red in my eyes
This winter inside is crushing me now

I am alone, I am scorn
I can't remember to forget you
I just weather the storm

The love that I had, it drowned with the tide,
stirring the waters where heartslay bare
The cuts in your skin and the red in your eyes
Enfolding this shame into despair

Let me take the noose from our necks and carry us home
Still so alive, even after you die, transcending with time
We're just two cripples who fail to belong
Yes, we are two cripples...
But we need to hold on

From this flesh my spirit longs to break away
Did you ever feel this cosmic circumstance was never enough?
Wake me slowly if ever at all
Wake me slowly or watch me fall

The life that I had is gone with the tide
Watch me fall
Another deception, I whisper good-bye
The cuts in my flesh, the red in your eyes
Watch me fall
These demons inside, they die with me now
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