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Текст песни Draconian - Dishearten

All the tears that you cry won't awaken me
When the devils lay dormant inside
The blood in my veins has forsaken me
As the angels around me die
They die!

Disheartened and cold
And scars upon my soul

I lost you in the silence
Bleeding through the walls
A sorrow came that ceased to leave
And took you from my arms

The dawn, a promise of beauty
But in dusk our rose will die
I'm forgetting how to face
The sadness of your eyes

Further I linger with nothing to give
Faster I'm choking on the poison I breathe
Spare me your judgment, and spare me your woes!
This burden upon me is ruthless and cold

Disheartened and cold
And thorns upon my soul

I found you in the nothingness;
Haunted by the past
Too late I heard the howling
That broke your heart at last

The moon, a promise of solace
But the sun; a promise of scorn
I'll cry for you no longer
You don't need me anymore

We're too tired to sleep,
And these bodies confound
As coldness awaits us
The deeper I stumble
Into your arms
The harder we suffer
As the empire falls

-strange eyes are gazing
-your hissing, smouldering tongue...
-your reflection is broken...
-yet the mirror is mine!

I found you in the silence
Bleeding though the walls
A sorrow came that ceased to leave
And took you from my arms
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