Текст песни Nile - The Imperishable Stars Are Sickened

For aeons has the hubris of man
Risen up as a foul stench
Offensive in the nostrils of the gods
Before the aweful thrones of eternity

A ghastly multitude of haggard spectres
Countless victims of the vast crimes of humanity
Have gathered around the gates of the underworld
Entreating for retribution
[Solo Brian]
The filth and corruption
Of the sins of all mankind
Enshrouding our skies with an impervious evil
The impeccable stars
Deny their luminescence unto the wicked
[Solo Brian]
The immaculate stars are revolted
From the vile rites our homage pays
We have become the shame of our creators
Disavowed, disowned, renounced
The gods have turned away in disgust

We who have dared to ape the grandeur
Of the great company of gods
Striving vainly atrivalship
With they who hold the universe in chains

Sekhmet whose fierce eye is the burning sun
From whose mouth bursts forth cataracts of fire
Laments not for our fate
When finally the aged Ra repents of his failed creations
Exhausting his core violently igniting
In agonizing death throes
Consuming our barren and scorched earth
In a blinding flash of incandescence

We who dared to covet the immortality of the gods
Envious of their dominion over the cosmos
Though it availeth us naught

The imperishable stars are sickened
They shun and despise the perverse abomination
That is humankind
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