Текст песни Nile - That Which Is Forbidden

I who would walk across dimensions as yet unknown

To whom the laws of space and time
Nay even gravity itself
Are as futile
As the meaningless lives of men and insects

Who hath trod upon the imperishable stars
Whilst my sleeping form lay helpless yet unmolested
Protected by faithful slaves and inhuman servants

Who hath communed with those
Who dwell unwitnessed
On the dark side of our own lunar sphere
The eldest of the wanderers

Who hath gazed
Into the unfathomable all consuming blackness
From which not even light itself can escape

Who hath lain in wait lurking
As a dark celestial predator
While the planets navigate their endless cycles

I hath foreseen the alignment
I have unveiled the hidden formulae
I shall walk across dimensions unknown
I will traverse the waters abyss
Of the blackened night sky

I who would dare that which has been forbidden
Who would hold hostage untold innocent worlds
To blackmail shameless constellations
[Solo Brian]

I would defy the will of the gods
The path shall be made open
The secrets will be revealed
I shall not be denied
I shall not be denied
ОТЗЫВЫ НА Nile - That Which Is Forbidden
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