Текст песни Nile - Vile Nilotic Rites

He worships dogs and reptiles
He blackens his eyes with soot like a prostitute
He dances and plays the cymbals in vile nilotic rites

I am asked if he has gone mad
If he has been bewitched, having coupled with a sorceress
For he has become soulless, degenerate
In thrall to the detestable and unclean antedeluvial rites of the phallus
More ancient than even the river Nile

Groveling in a world of numbing debauchery
Sodded, addicted, degraded
Fallen into depravity
He has sown the seeds of madness
Consumed by irrationality
Decadence, deviancy and excess
What one worships, one becomes
[Solo Karl]

Whores, hermapradites, lickspittles
The corrupt and the drunken are all that is left him
For he is wretched
Consumed by lascivious and abominable orgies of flesh and blood
Infected by impious acts
A slave to the immortal passions
That contaminate and defile the soul
Inflicted with incurable decay
Staggering witlessly to his doom
What one worships, one becomes
What one worships, one becomes
What one worships
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